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Last update: 18 minutes ago. The nebula known as W51 is one of the most active star-forming regions in the Milky Way galaxy. First identified in by radio telescopes, it makes a rich cosmic tapestry in this image from NASA’s recently retired Spitzer Not so long ago, astronomers mapped a galaxy far, far away using radio waves and found it has a strikingly familiar shape. The origin of life on Earth is a topic that has piqued human curiosity since probably before recorded history began. But how did the organic matter that constitutes lifeforms even arrive at our planet? Though this is still A nearby star, the host of two and possibly three planets, was initially thought to be quiet and boring.

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Astronomers have used NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory to record material blasting away from the site of an exploded star at speeds faster than 20 million.

Colin J Humphreys and W Graeme Waddington report on the oldest recorded solar eclipse, a biblical reference which may be used to date precisely the reign of Ramesses the Great. A puzzling event in The Bible that mentions both the Moon and the Sun can be interpreted as describing a solar eclipse. We have dated it to 30 October BC, making it possibly the oldest datable solar eclipse recorded.

This enables us to refine the dates of certain Egyptian pharaohs, including Ramesses the Great. It also suggests that the expressions currently used for calculating changes in the Earth’s rate of rotation can be reliably extended back years, from BC to BC. In modern astronomy, solar eclipses are categorized into three types: total, annular and partial. In the ancient world, however, observers did not distinguish between total and annular solar eclipses. On the other hand, the Chinese records do have a separate word for a partial solar eclipse chin ; Stephenson It is only when we get to the eclipse of 28 July AD , observed in Nishapur, Iran, that we have an unambiguously explicit statement of annularity from Al-Biruni.

In a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the disc of the Sun with only an annulus of white light from the surrounding corona being visible, the level of illumination from which is roughly equivalent to that from a full Moon.

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We as human beings are greatly attracted to beauty. And there is nothing more beautiful than the heavenly bodies set above us to see. From the stars, sun, moon, and planets for us to admire, our world has never been short of attraction!

Age dating of an early Milky Way merger via asteroseismology of the Solar-like oscillations in the G2 subgiant β hydri from dual-site observations. K.J.B. is an NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow and.

A range of high-quality resources for Physics and Astronomy are available on the web. Click here for Physics subject specific resources. Supports students across the UK by running space projects and hosting conferences and workshops. Observational astronomy Astronomy Picture of the Day : A different astronomy image or photograph each day, accompanied by a short explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Index, archive and search function available. Heavens Above : Website with satellite and astronomy data, including an interactive sky chart. Includes much audiovisual material and ESA publications. Regular news and data.

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Broadly speaking, our understanding of indigenous astronomical knowledge in number of days, months or years from any particular date; they only served to A number of Mesoamerican sites with important astronomical connections are.

Meteor Shower August is one of the most popular times of the year to observe meteor showers. If the sky permits, the famous Perseids meteor shower will be observed with its peak in the late evening and early morning hours on August with at least 50 or more meteors observed during peak time. Unfortunately, the waxing gibbous Moon may interfere with the observations of fainter meteors.

Meteors are easiest to observe if there is no moonlight, light pollution, and a clear sky. The constellation of Leo, the Lion can be observed at about 20 degrees from the northwestern horizon after sunset. In this constellation, an asterism known as the inverted Question Mark, or sometimes known as the scythe, can be figured out, that represents the head of a lion. By extending an imaginary line from the two stars Merak to Dubhe, which are located on the tip of the ladle and then measuring five times of their distance will point the position of the North Star.

The constellation of Virgo, the Virgin is well placed high on the southwestern horizon. The constellations of Libra, the Scale; Scorpius, the Scorpion; and Sagittarius, the Archer; follow Virgo on the southeastern horizon, respectively. The Planet whereabouts… On August 1 at A. From the eastern horizon towards the western horizon, Venus ,Uranus, Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter will be observed lying among the background stars of the constellation Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

They will be having magnitudes of Uranus may be observed by the naked eyes under a very good clear and dark sky condition, while Neptune requires a telescope. Familiarity with a starmap , the position of the planet to its surrounding stars may be of great help in locating this planet.

Age dating of an early Milky Way merger via asteroseismology of the naked-eye star ν Indi

Astronomy aims to understand our universe using observations, experiments, and theoretical and numerical studies. Astronomy is a discipline that relies on the innovative application of physics, whilst drawing on a number of other scientific and technological disciplines. USQ’s on-campus observatory, modern remote-access telescopes at Mt Kent Observatory and high-performance computing facilities.

World class researchers involved in leading international collaborations in the field of stellar astronomy and planetary systems.

In the late s, three young astronomers at Steward, Don Taylor, John Cocke, and Mike Disney, discovered optical pulsations from the Crab Nebula. The 50th.

It is dated 17 August It was [almost-completely] curated by Stuart Weinberger. Retired Nebraska-Lincoln professor Donald Taylor has passed away at age The 50th anniversary of that event recently passed see the last paragraph. We pass on our best wishes to his family and colleagues This first video is by astrophotographer Adam Block and tells people living in Tucson how to find the Comet. It was made the week of July

History of Astronomy in China

In China, as in many other cultures, there is evidence of interest and observation of the sky from many years earlier than written documentation suggests. Examples of pottery now held at the Beijing Ancient Observatory and dated to the Neolithic period over years ago show images of the sun, and intricately carved animal shells and bones depict images of the stars as well as astronomical events such as star explosions which may date back as far as BC.

It is possible that the observation of the sky in a scientific sense was first undertaken as a way of marking time and recording events within a recurring pattern in order to create a calendar. A calendar marks the seasons and helps farmers to know when to plant and harvest their grain.

Please be advised that, depending on the specified due date, the guidelines contained in NSF may apply to proposals submitted in response to this funding.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Over the course of its history, the Milky Way has ingested multiple smaller satellite galaxies 1. Although these accreted stellar populations can be forensically identified as kinematically distinct structures within the Galaxy, it is difficult in general to date precisely the age at which any one merger occurred.

Recent results have revealed a population of stars that were accreted via the collision of a dwarf galaxy, called Gaia—Enceladus 1 , leading to substantial pollution of the chemical and dynamical properties of the Milky Way. The star bears hallmarks consistent with having been kinematically heated by the Gaia—Enceladus collision. Its age implies that the earliest the merger could have begun was Computations based on hierarchical cosmological models slightly reduce the above limits.

The TESS lightcurve and power spectrum is also available on request from the corresponding author.

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Get up-to-date information and astronomical news on our Facebook page The John Glenn Astronomy Park is dedicated to sparking an interest in science.

This Initiative offers to the States Parties a possibility to evaluate and recognize the importance of this specific heritage, in terms of enrichment of the history of humanity, the promotion of cultural diversity and the development of international exchanges. It provides an opportunity not only to identify the sites connected with astronomy but also of keeping their memory alive and preserving them from progressive deterioration, through the through inscription on the World Heritage List of the most representative properties.

The sky, our common and universal heritage, forms an integral part of the total environment that is perceived by mankind. Including the interpretation of the sky as a theme in World Heritage is a logical step towards taking into consideration the relationship between mankind and its environment. This step is necessary for the recognition and safeguarding of cultural properties and of cultural or natural landscapes that transcribe the relationship between mankind and the sky.

Properties relating to astronomy stand as a tribute to the complexity and diversity of ways in which people rationalised the cosmos and framed their actions in accordance with that understanding. This includes, but is by no means restricted to, the development of modern scientific astronomy.

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