While a block of Van Wert’s Main Street was closed for half an hours, nearly thirty members and friends of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League, plus about a dozen local dignitaries and media representatives, celebrated the designation of Ohio’s Lincoln Highway as a historic byway. At the conclusion of these speeches, a red, white, and blue ribbon was stretched from curb to curb, and the oversized silver shears unlike any pair from Larry’s barber shop were made ready. Larry shared in the honor of cutting the colorful ribbon along with Kriss Salters, formerly with Van Wert’s Downtown Development Association, and his teammate in getting all the paperwork together and submitting it to the state offices as part of the application process. Although Kriss now resides in [that state up north], it was good to have her join us on this special day, which was the culmination of four years of assembling and preparing materials, including endorsements from the commissioners and mayors of the many counties and cities through which the Lincoln Highway passes in Ohio. If time permits, a similar ceremony may be observed near the eastern end of the new byway during the upcoming national conference. After a business meeting that straddled yet another fine lunch served by Balyeat’s at Van Wert’s Marsh Hotel it was the third time in ten months that these fine folks have graciously hosted our various contingents , the thirty OLHL members and guests in attendance were treated to an enthusiastic and comprehensive slide program by Bob Lichty and wife Rosemary Rubin, who teamed to make the August Lincoln Highway Cross-Country Tour an unqualified success.

The Life of H. M. “Harry” Gousha: The Single Most Important Person in the Free Road Map Era

Rand McNally is an American technology and publishing company that provides mapping, software and hardware for the consumer electronics, commercial transportation and education markets. The company is headquartered in Chicago, with a distribution center in Richmond, Kentucky. In , William H. Rand opened a printing shop in Chicago and two years later hired a newly arrived Irish immigrant, Andrew McNally , to work in his shop.

shows the codes for the two main map producers, Rand McNally and H.M. Gousha. The video offers helpful hints on how to date a road map.

Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. A true scale map of Halifax [? Includes photographs and informational text. Elevation shown by contours and hachures. Amman east 3rd ed. Brussels Date: Creator: Rapkin, J. Added author: Tallis, John, More Champlain Que. China through the Stereoscope; a journey through the Dragon Empire at the time of the Boxer uprising. Full accompanying text available via archive.

City of Winnipeg [?


Author: H. Date: Read more about the Collection. Short Title: Western States road map. Publisher: Chicago: The H.

This template is used to cite sources in Wikibooks, specifically maps and related products. REQUIRED REQUIRED Use date or year, not both. Rand McNally, H.M. Gousha, etc), include it here. scale: The scale of the map (e.g. “1: 20,”.

Date Codes for Maps. From the Western Association of Map Libraries website. Dating a Map. Including Geographia Limited and Bartholomew maps. How Old is Your Globe? From Replogle Globes. A list of name-changes for countries with dates. Johnson U. Map Project. Dataset of the changes in Johnson’s U. List of world map changes. A Wikipedia page so also use other sources!

Historic U.S. 80

Clason Map Company was a map publisher in Denver, Colorado that published the first road atlas of the U. It failed during the Great Depression. Clason maps are notorious for having no date information. Instead, various elements of the maps changed over time. Use the link above to connect to a site at Michigan State University to learn more about dating Clason maps.

Louis and vicinity.” Recreation index, distance chart, and 5 local route maps on verso. “7-YL S.” Contributor: H.M. Gousha Company; Date.

This replica U. Replica cat-eyes allow for nighttime reflectivity of the numerical designation. With the designation of Interstate 8 in , U. Many extant segments of former U. The original auto trail that preceded U. Before U.

Dating Gas Station Road Maps including Map Codes

But who’s best positioned to tell that story, political operatives and candidates looking to score points? National media swooping in for a few days and focusing on a city’s colorful past? How about if the story was told by those who know it best, those with long ties to Wisconsin? June 8 in Green Bay and Madison and 8 p.

Other local producers include Gousha’s wife, Lynn Sprangers, a former political reporter who has worked in sports, higher education and performing arts, and Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein, who have produced national PBS films including “Pioneers of Television. Based on the trailers, the film is beautifully shot, and provides an evocative look at the city’s rich past.

H.M. Gousha / Shell Oil.. No date. Ca. Double-sided blue and white street map, sheet size 26 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches, folding as issued to 9 x 4 inches.

Road maps from an earlier day were a visual celebration of life on the motor trail. Their illustrations portrayed Americans, joy-filled and carefree, behind the wheel of a car: pushing seventy-five beneath an infinite azure sky, downshifting through tight esses on a winding country road or simply picnicking on a verdant hillside. Map covers were an exhilarating fresh air fiesta of the endless possibilities of motoring. Douglas Yorke, et. They presented the motoring life as a great adventure and the road as a place of liberation and empowerment.

Road map cover art stressed the allure of the open road. It turned the modern traveler into a frontiersman and explorer, subduing the wilderness through the progress of Yankee technology. The use of historical imagery by the oil companies is discussed in a later section of this exhibition.

Cartography – Special Map Collections and Strengths

There are quite a few methods to figuring out the date a road map was originally printed. The most obvious is if it is printed on the cover. Beyond that you may need to use your detective skills.

Click here to download User Manual for Grievance on SADAREM Certificate Application. Click here to Download Bhuseva-Hand Book. UIDAI circular on Date of.

Map Codes It is important to understand “Map codes” to be able to quickly date maps published by H. There can be different map codes on each sub-map that is part of the overall map. Letter Codes. Map Base Codes. As part of the “Map Code” you will see a three digit number that changes every few years, this is the map base code, I assume it was revised each time they made a major revision to the map format, you will see the Colorado map base codes are as follows:.

Other state maps have different map base codes but follow a similar pattern. J or JC.

Cambridge University Library

Search our local catalog , finding aids , and more. Gousha Company. Gousha The H. Gousha Company was one of the “Big Three” major producers of road map s and atlas es in the United States during the 25 years following World War II , making maps for free distribution by oil companies and auto club s.

However, the difficult Gousha code, used since to date maps, indicates that the older map is a printing and the one with the new.

Those attempting to date Clason state road maps issued from to are presented with unusual challenges. A systematic review of the individual maps contained in the Clason Touring Atlases, which have now been dated See Liedholm and Greaves, Dating Clason Touring Atlases , revealed that the road legends and other map symbols varied over the years.

This was particularly true of the kinds and number of road types portrayed in the legend. However, there were often numerous state variations in these legends within any one year. In the Touring Atlas alone, for example, there were 17 different state road legends. Thus, if these state maps are to be more precisely dated, a more detailed state by state, year by year listing of the key map symbols is needed.

The Clason State Map Dating Guide , is organized by state and lists the map features such as the title, sub-title, road legends, and official highway markers year by year. One should use these features on the state map to delineate the year. Midget maps, which were typically identical to the regular maps except in size, were produced in several years along with the regular maps.

The Clason maps became more standardized in , so after that date there were fewer variations in the map features by state and year. If there are no changes in the map features for a particular year, this will be indicated in the second column of the guide e. A more precise dating of these later maps can only be obtained by a careful scrutiny of the yearly changes in the road networks of these particular states.


Froggie’s Available Maps – Early Spring Last spring I offered up some of my duplicate and unwanted road and highway maps to those who were interested in them. As you’ll see on the lists below, the selection now is a bit larger than it was last spring. Alas, due to the time and commitment needed to offer these maps, I am asking for a nominal fee to cover shipping and handling. Paypal is preferred. However, I will also accept money orders no checks please.

Unlike Rand McNally and Gousha, the Clason Map Company (CMCo) typically did not even place codes on its products during this period. A systematic review.

If the map says French Indochina, it is probably not the best one to buy for getting around in Southeast Asia. But failing to spy such startling evidence of age, it is difficult these days to tell how old a map in a store may be. Copyright laws have been eased and some cartographers have been chary about saying how long it has been since a map was revised, even though it may have a fresh new design on the cover.

It would have been easier to get the formula for Coca-Cola or the nuclear bomb. Antiques aside, map makers and map stores are marketing a product that is perishable, but is not controlled by laws such as those that govern the freshness of bread or milk. Conroy Erickson, a Rand McNally representative, said the American map industry has been in radical change since the Arab oil embargo of , which spelled the end of the free map at gas stations, returning maps to their status of goods for sale.

Vending machines along interstates may not get restocked with any regularity. When the U. According to Victor Martin, head of the information section in the copyright office in the Library of Congress, some publishers construed the phrase ”useful article” to apply to maps and began omitting the date from the copyright notice. But this anomaly continued for only 11 years, and from the consumer information standpoint, things got worse last year.

This brought the United States into copyright contact with nations beyond those it already had copyright treaties with and permits a U. The astonishing aspect of this step is that the Bern Convention eliminated the requirement that a copyright notice be placed on the copyrighted article.

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Jump to navigation. Atlases : The library holds over 20, atlases, very broadly defined to include works containing five or more maps over 5, dating from before Included are many sixteenth and seventeenth century works, some in multiple editions. Works broadly defined as atlases include a great variety of books issued with maps, including but not limited to gazetteers, school geographies, government publications, travel literature, and bibles published in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.

Manuscript maps and manuscript reproductions : Over manuscript maps and 2, manuscript map reproductions are described in the online catalog. The Edward E.

This extension only appeared on Gousha maps during the World War II and they date back to the s and earlier (in some rare cases.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. If the map says French Indochina, it is probably not the best one to buy for getting around in Southeast Asia.

But failing such startling evidence of age, it is difficult these days to tell how old a map in a store may be. Copyright laws have been eased and some cartographers have been chary about saying how long it has been since a map was revised, even though it may have a fresh new design on the cover. If you try to navigate in a fast-changing area like Orlando, Fla. You need a new map for Orlando, likewise Hartford, Ct. It would have been easier to get the formula for Coca-Cola or the nuclear bomb.

Antiques aside, map-makers and map stores are marketing a product that is perishable but is not controlled by laws such as those that govern the freshness of bread or milk.

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